About the Telework Association, its current directors and its Memorandum of Association

The Telework Association was founded in 1992 in order to promote the benefits of telework and support individuals and organisations implementing this relatively new way of working. Since then the practice has grown slowly whilst the technology has changed dramatically. With broadband in the home, wireless hot-spots in public places and affordable 3G connections it is now much easier to work remotely. Despite this, the incidence of teleworking is still low compared with the potential and the Association continues to promote it as good for individuals, employers, society, the economy and the environment. It does this by helping the media, government and other bodies to see the benefits and support telework for the good of the UK.

The Telework Association is funded by membership subscriptions and commercial sponsorship. It provides individual and corporate members with services to help them implement telework. There is no government funding for the Association.

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation run by unpaid directors supported by a minimal part time staff.

The Telework Association is a company limited by guarantee. This structure is a not-for-profit company and limits the liability of members. Membership is open to individuals and companies. Individual members have full voting rights. A board is elected by the membership to ensure that the strategy and operation of the Association reflects the needs of the membership.