Do you have what it takes to be a homeworker?

Find out how to assess your personal circumstances and decide on your suitability.

Looking for work you can do from home?

Advice on how to conduct your work search and avoid expensive scams.

Are you starting or running a small business?

How using home-workers could benefit your business, and how to get started.

Are you a managing a larger organisation?

Benefits of 'anytime anywhere' working and what's involved in implementation?

Telework Association: how can we help?

For two decades we've been promoting the benefits of teleworking for individuals and organisations.

What is meant by 'teleworking' has changed over the years. In the early 1990s it was mostly about people in rural areas working in telecentres, often doing data processing jobs, as a way to bring work to disadvantaged areas. As technology became cheaper and more accessible teleworking came to mean people working at or from home wherever they lived and embraced communication and collaboration not only across miles but often across continents. As technology has made even greater leaps over the last few years, and expectations of work have changed, 'teleworking' has evolved to mean "anytime, anywhere" working. So although much of our focus is on how to implement successful home working, either as an individual or as an organisation, the principles of self motivation, clear communication and trusting management, are just as important and relevant to working anywhere, anytime.

So, whether you're an employee hoping to convince your boss to let you work more flexibly, a budding entrepreneur planning to set up a home based business, an individual looking for home-based work or a manager improving your remote managing skills, you can benefit from our experience.